World Cup Soccer Odds for 2014

This year, the World Cup event will be in Brazil. A lot of fans are predicting that Brazil will be the winner of the World Cups for 2014. However, there are lots of other teams that stand a chance for winning the game. Some of their competition might be Spain, Italy and Germany. There are a few other teams that might win the World Cup.

Columbia is right behind the country Argentina. While Argentina has a chance of coming in at number 3 or 4, there is still a chance that Columba could come up ahead against Argentina. Just recently they have regained their status as being a contender that could end up being a serious one and more so for Argentina. However, Argentina still has to worry about going up against Italy, Germany or Spain in order to make their move against Brazil if they do end up winning and moving up.

Argentina has players such as Pablo Zabaleta, Sergio Romero, Sergio Aguero and Javier Mascherano. There are also a few other players that they have which are really good so, Argentina still has a chance of being the one who goes up against Brazil if Brazil is the one who ends up winning but they will have to work very hard in order to move up and go against the team that wins. There is a chance they could, but the betting odds on 2014 world cup are not very high for them due to the other teams that they have to play against. However, they still have a high chance of coming above Columbia.

Spain has a lot of talent on their team and so does Germany. Italy is another favorite and loved by many but Brazil might be more worried about Spain and Germany at this point. All three teams have lots of great talent and many players on these teams are extremely dedicated to the game and work hard and it shows.

However, there are also many other reasons as to why Brazil might win the World Cup. They are playing at home and will have the most support on the team compared to all of the other teams out there on the field. Having support can greatly help with boosting your spirits on the field and that’s another reason as to why Brazil might win. The other teams will have fans in the stand but due to Brazil playing at home, they will have the most.

Will it be Brazil, Spain or Germany or Italy? Those are the four main teams that everyone will be watching and waiting to see what one of those teams might possibly win the World Cup for 2014. However, Argentina might just surprise us and come in on top.